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Nepal FAQ's

Nepal FAQ's


  1. How can I get the Visa to Nepal?

    You can get On Arrival Visa in Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu upon arrival. If you are planning to get a visa from your country visit the Nepalese Embassy there. If you are traveling by land through India, then the visa is provided from the Immigration office at the border. You need to have a valid passport and passport size photographs to complete the visa acquisition process. The visa fee varies according to your holidays in Nepal. For 14 days, $25 For 30 days, $40 For 60 days, $100

  2. How can I book the trek?

    You need just to fill up the booking form. We will email the detail after we receive a booking form. Minimum deposit amount, i.e. 25% of the total amount must be paid in advance within ten days of the booking confirmation for reservation of your pace in the team. The remaining balance must be paid before 30 days of the trip.

  3. How to get the hotel from the airport?

    Our official guide will be in front of the arrival gate by showing the placard to pick you from the airport.

  4. How is the hotel facility in Kathmandu?

    We will book a tourist standard hotel in Kathmandu with the comfort and luxury room. 24-hour hot water and wifi facilities will available in the Hotel. The hotel can also be provided as per your requirement.

  5. How will the hotel available be during the trek?

    The bedrooms will have essential amenities and shared toilet There will be no heating facility in the bedroom, but the dining hall will have a chimney heater. We will provide sleeping bags during a trek but you can bring yours as well.

  6. How to get a shower during the trip?

    You will get 3-4 showers during the trip. You can order for the hot water, but only a few lodges would provide. Due to extreme cold and snowy weather, you might not require taking a shower too often. Our guide will provide other instructions on maintaining personal hygiene.

  7. What kind of food available during the trek?

    You can have Chinese, American, Local Tibetan food, Indian and Nepali cuisine. You can choose to have either vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

  8. How do I manage to carry my luggage?

    We will provide porters to carry your luggage, Every two trekkers for one porter. You will only be carrying your day backpack with valuable things. We will also provide you luggage if you do not have one.

  9. Will there be any communication facility during the trekking?

    Most of the areas will not have an internet facility but will have a telephone facility. Our guides will also be carrying cell phones in case you need to reach out to someone.

  10. Will there be English speaking guides?

    All our guides speak good English and license certified by the Nepal government.

  11. Do I need to pay the extra amount for a guide and porter?

    You will not have to pay the extra amount for a guide and porter. Your trek amount will include the salaries for a guide and porter but you can give some tips yourself.

  12. How many persons will be in a group?

    We take from 2-20 persons in a group. If there is a larger group from the same organization, Collage, University, or a family we can also manage for that. We also arrange a private trip according to the requirements.

  13. Do I need any physical fitness requirements for the trek?

    You will need to be moderately fit for most of our treks. But for the trips that take longer days and takes higher altitudes like in any trek, you will need extra fitness. It all depends on the trip you choose.

  14. What are the insurance requirements?

    If you got any emergency injured or high altitudes sickness so it will cover any medical treatments, trip cancellation or helicopter evacuation in case of emergency. Our government trained guides will assist you in any emergency situation that arises during the trek.

  15. Will my money be refunded if I do not complete my trek and return in a midway?

    The money will not be refunded even though the trip is not completed due to many reasons like weather conditions or other personal reasons.

  16. Is it safe for a woman to travel solely?

    Yes, it is safe to travel as a single woman traveler with us. We assure safety and security for the women traveling on their own. We take full responsibility for this matter.

  17. When is the best time to hiking in Nepal?

    The best time is from September to December and February to May.